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Letter: Obama’s record is stellar in areas

President Barack Obama waves as he walks to

President Barack Obama waves as he walks to Marine One after arriving at Los Angeles International Airport on Oct. 24, 2016. Credit: AP / Jae C. Hong

A letter discussed the difference in skill sets between President Barack Obama and Donald Trump [“Trump brings an exec’s approach,” Dec. 15].

Obama’s degrees may not be in business, but he managed this country well. In his first year, Obama rescued the auto industry, saving 1.5 million jobs, yet we are all supposed to be in awe of the 730 jobs at Carrier rescued by Trump. Unemployment is at 5 percent and was closer to 8 percent when Obama came into office.

The stock market, which was on the verge of collapse, is at record levels. Gasoline is under $2.50 a gallon on average across the country. Electricity generated from solar power is 29 times what it was at the start of the president’s first term and we are half as dependent on foreign oil.

While the deficit has increased, this was largely related to paying off the George W. Bush Republican “frat party” years of two unfinanced wars, a financial collapse and a record tax cut. Twenty million more people have health insurance, and private sector jobs are up by more than 9 million.

The writer identifies one failed public investment under the president, while Trump has filed for bankruptcy four times.

Cynthia Lovecchio, Glen Cove



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