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Letters: Obscene pay for retiring in Nassau

A Nassau County Police Department recruit accidentally shot

A Nassau County Police Department recruit accidentally shot himself, "piercing" his thigh and calf during a training session at the county-owned shooting range in Uniondale, police said. Photo Credit: Newsday / Thomas A. Ferrara

Nassau residents rallied as never before when the county installed school district cameras. The $80 fines made residents really feel those hands in their pockets. There are no more school-zone cameras, but those hands are still in our pockets.

The difference is, we are not writing personal checks to cover the incredible retirement packages given out in Nassau County [$500G-plus Nassau pay: Termination pay, salaries, settlements contribute," News, Feb. 27].

To single out just one of the retirees, it would have required 10,951 Nassau residents to write a personnel check for $80 to cover Robert Turk's retirement check of $876,078.35.

Why is overtime considered a part of retirement? What county executive thought it was a good idea to include that in contract negotiations?

Overtime should be a one-time payment, as it is in private industry. There should be a reasonable limit on how many days can be banked. No private company could survive with this type of financial policy.

Nassau and Suffolk police make very good salaries, have incredible health insurance for life and qualify for this out-of-control pension system after only working 20 years. This leaves me flabbergasted and shaking my head. Where did I go wrong?

Judy Hanson, Fort Salonga

Excessive payments to county workers is nothing new, and of course other politicians and public servants aren't going to speak out against it because that would mean denying themselves. This is another example of waste, and it doesn't end with county employees.

There are teachers who retire then get rehired as "consultants." They get their full pension plus a salary. Lawyers who represent the schools not only charge for their services, but then get put on the schools' payrolls, earning pension credits and other benefits.

I think this is a complete disgrace and mockery of the taxpayers. Yet no one is able to truly shed enough light on this subject to force a major and well-deserved change.

Nick Roman, Seaford

I always laugh when Newsday writes about the ridiculous retirement pay of some of our civil servants, teachers and other government workers. Instead of just shouting about it, why don't we do something?

We need to have a state amendment changing the way retirement income is determined. It should include base pay, but not the endemic loading up of overtime. Sick days and vacation days should be use it or lose it.

The problem lies in the offensive pressure the unions use to buy the support of our elected officials. Newsday should demand a change in the way the state figures retirement pay. You'll be surprised by the support.

Bob Cavaliere, Port Jefferson Station

Termination pay, salaries and perks? Just think of how our infrastructure could benefit if we paid our officials reasonably instead of obscenely.

Gerard LaForgia, Lynbrook