Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Letters: Oceanside, Madoff and more

Spend, spend

Gov. David A. Paterson's rationale for withholding state aid to school districts is, "you can't spend what you don't have." That is sound advice for next year. A better slogan might be, "If you spend more than you have, just pass the buck."

Claire Mangelli

Miller PlaceHow costly it is

Shame on the Oceanside Sanitation District commissioners ["His salary piles up," News, Dec 9].

After providing the district supervisor with a $200,000 salary, plus bonuses, plus vehicle, plus multiple life insurance policies, plus a post-retirement salary of $25,000 a year for 15 years, in addition to his pension, plus health and dental - only a $450 allowance for shoe and optical?

Obviously, these guys don't know how costly it is to live on Long Island.

Howard Rubin

OceansideWhat about us?

While I have empathy for Bernard Madoff's victims, I am tired of all the whining and concern about them ["A year after Madoff," News, Dec. 11].

While there is a government-appointed overseer to recover their losses, there is no appointed official to recover the losses many of us suffered to our 401(k)s because of the greed of Wall Street bankers. We were not driven by greed as many of the Madoff investors were (consistent 10 percent return expected, which was unrealistic to anyone who knew what the market was doing).

Those of us who are retired will not have the opportunity to rebuild our retirement funds. We have to live with what happened. How many retired people are suffering from PTSD? How many retired persons are trying to find jobs in this poor economy because they can't survive on what is left in their 401(k)s? Please, have some empathy for non-Madoff victims.

Paul Vegoda

ManhassetTurns on red

Much was written about the installation of red light cameras in Nassau to catch people making a right turn on red without a full stop. Little has been heard since. Lesson learned, I guess.

But the cameras don't seem to have stopped cars turning from the left turn lane after the green arrow changes red.

Joel Beckerman

WestburyHeroin connections

The executive director of the Long Island Council on Alcoholism and Substance Abuse has never seen cases where heroin exists by itself without prescription drugs in the equation ["The heroin link," News, Dec. 10]?

Maybe he needs to get out of his office more often. Or read the papers, where he will find information on the use of heroin without prescription drugs in the equation.

James Seitz

Port Jefferson Station