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Letters: ‘October surprises’ and presidency

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have entered the

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have entered the final week of campaigning before the Nov. 8, 2016, presidential election. Credit: Wires

The election is on our doorstep, and instead of Americans listening to the candidates talk about how to fix America’s many problems, we’re hearing about the FBI, WikiLeaks and emails [“Obama faults the FBI on handling of email investigation,” News, Nov. 3].

We did not have to be here, days before the election, pointing fingers at Democrats, Republicans, the Russians or the media. This is Hillary Clinton’s self-inflicted wound that was avoidable.

What if Clinton had turned over the devices and emails when originally requested by Congress more than a year ago? She and Donald Trump should be telling us how they will fix our infrastructure and inner city problems, and how they will create real wage-paying jobs.

Rich Adrian, Huntington


There is still no question in my mind about who would be a better choice for president. On one side we have a person who has made mistakes, owned up to them and learned from them. She’s a person of great political and worldly experience.

On the other side is a person who has made mistakes, refuses to take responsibility for them and puts the blame on someone else.

I envision a president who knows diplomacy in a world that sorely needs it. I’m a lifelong registered Republican, but I’m voting for Hillary Clinton.

Michael Zisner, Bethpage


It’s important to remember that the original appeal of Donald Trump for president was that he was not a politician, Republican or Democrat [“Trump focus on Florida,” News, Nov. 3].

He saw the problems and came up with solutions. He was a businessman who invested his own money in ventures, while our elected officials continue to freely spend other people’s money.

The people chose Trump out of all the other Republican candidates because he was an outsider. He may not have a political record behind him, but he does have strong leadership experience.

Dolly Kalhorn, North Babylon


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