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Letters: Officials are working for themselves

Angie Carpenter, the GOP candidate for Suffolk county

Angie Carpenter, the GOP candidate for Suffolk county executive, outside County Executives office in Hauppauge. Her opponent Democrat Steve Bellone is at left. (Oct. 3 2011)

In Joye Brown’s Oct. 25 column, “Being clear about raises,” Islip Town Supervisor Angie Carpenter says, “In the future, I’ll tell you this: I will be more clear, so I don’t have this situation again.”

I hope there is no future for her again in Suffolk County government. These raises are insult to the taxpayers of Islip. While so many of us struggle to stay on Long Island, the Islip Town Board and Carpenter approved excessive raises for management employees. This was all done with a sleight of hand and poor disclosure. The same group put forth a 9.9 percent property tax increase, piercing the state tax cap. It’s sad. Government is no longer working for the people; officials are working for themselves at our expense.

Anthony J. Catanese, Sayville