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Letters: Our society has lost its way

Claudia Urbiana and her daughter Jocelyne Cardenas hug

Claudia Urbiana and her daughter Jocelyne Cardenas hug outside the entrance to Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. (Dec. 15, 2012) Photo Credit: Getty Images

In the last 30 years, America has mourned at least 61 mass murders. After some time passes, our latest homegrown massacre in Newtown, Conn., will become another tombstone in our collective psyche.

The question is not what kind of a person can kill innocent children. It is what kind of society creates the conditions for people to serially neglect, abuse, rape and murder its young.

As always, in coming weeks there will be obsessive fascination, that the media will feed, with the murderer and his upbringing, mental status, home environment, academic performance and love life.

As we begin to analyze the motives and pathology of Adam Lanza, ad infinitum, we will lose sight, again, of the frame, the cultural context that has become a runaway train, seeding violence and mass murder in every corner of our nation.

Think about it. Come Monday morning, there will not be one parent in the United States who will be able to escape the tyranny of imagining their child being murdered in their neighborhood school.

Forget about car bombs and terrorist attacks by "foreign"-looking people. The enemy is within.

Andrew Malekoff, Long Beach

Editor's note: The writer is the executive director for the North Shore Child and Family Guidance Center in Roslyn Heights.

The only thing this shows is we are raising our children wrong. For 1,000 years, we had no problem with our children. With the advent of psychology in the 1950s, we ended up doing it wrong. We are not protecting our children well enough by spoiling them excessively. We need to go back to respect, manners and discipline.

Joseph Taormina, Levittown

What kind of society have we become? Houses of worship attacked. High schools. Universities. Shopping malls. Small eateries. Movie theaters. The streets of our cities. Army bases within our own borders. Even our homes aren't always safe to be in!

And, now, an elementary school in Connecticut. Twenty children, ages 6 to 10, shot dead by some deranged moron. Why? Why would anyone want to hurt young students and their teachers? Eleven days before Christmas. Why? So much for a Merry Christmas for the families of those lost at this school! So much for a Merry Christmas for the town and for the rest of our society.

This carnage must stop. If some jerk has a death wish to do harm to himself, why must he hurt others? Blow your brains out, but let the innocent live on.

We must do more to find the people supplying these weapons to these gunmen. Let's hold them equally responsible for the tragedies they help to unfurl.

Gary Schaefer, Manorville