Why was your story on professor Kaukub Siddique's recent inflammatory remarks on Facebook against women, gays and Jews buried in the back of the paper ["Professor's words condemned," News, July 24]?

Apparently, Lincoln University in Pennsylvania, where he teaches, condemned his remarks but plans no further action against him.

If this professor were a white, Christian man, the media would paste this story on the front pages, and he would be out of a job.

I believe that the media and our government, which decry bias, are guilty of the very thing they denounce by doing nothing to this so-called professor. He's allowed to work and earn a living in a country he obviously hates.

Bruce Fish, Massapequa

I wonder why gay rights advocates, women's rights organizations, and especially the media are suspiciously silent on the recent remarks made by this Muslim professor.

He called the women accusing Bill Cosby "sluts," and sarcastically suggested that President Barack Obama has a gay agenda.

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Bruce Poulos, Massapequa