Although I'm concerned about the Common Core school curriculum, I was distressed to read the letter from a woman whose daughter was assigned to interpret the poem "Can't" by Edgar Guest .

What should have been an opportunity to teach her child new words became an opportunity to complain. We are not at risk of losing a generation of "naturally curious" students. We are already losing them because of parents who give kids an easy out when things gets tough.

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Beverly Lech, West Babylon

I think that this parent has completely missed the point, and maybe she is a perfect example of why our kids are struggling in school. She found that her daughter could not understand the meaning of a poem she was to interpret for school.

If students knew everything about the subjects they study, there would be no need to go to school. What a missed opportunity for her to sit down with her daughter and a dictionary to figure out what the poem means, instead of giving up and saying the problem is too hard.

Eugene Artemyeff, Glenwood Landing