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LETTERS: Patronage, parks and more


New parks pick smacks of patronage


Hiring a new commissioner "with little experience," while keeping the former one who "has done a great job," smacks of patronage, used by every party voted into office .

Appointing government employees for political advantage contributes to the waste that is taxing Long Islanders out of their homes.
Lillian Kufs,  East Meadow


Parks cuts a lesson in mismanagement


Once again we have a lesson in public mismanagement, leaving children to protest the closing of their soccer fields .

A few ideas:

Contract out all pool operations. Bethpage Black greens fees on a "par" with Pebble Beach and Torrey Pines. Private "for profit" development at Jones Beach. Wasn't Donald Trump building a restaurant there? Increase "for profit" private partnerships in public parks. Aggressively market the Empire Passports in big-box stores. Take a hard look at all political patronage postions in the parks system.
Larry Jacks, Northport


Two sides vent on health care overhaul


You could not have been more partisan in your reporting of President Barack Obama's "latest overhaul" "Doubts, criticisms from LI delegation," News, Feb. 23], in saying Long Island's Democrats questioned whether Rep. Peter King and other Republicans will come to the summit "to legislate or to fight."

The reality of this legislation is simply that the Democrats do not need the Republicans to pass this law. The Democrats who are not supporting it are echoing the American public, who in poll after poll demonstrate they want no part of this kind of health care reform.

It is obviously the president who doesn't get the message to move on to real job creation, cut unemployment and add meaningful economic growth that benefits the average working American people.
John B. Caruso, East Patchogue

Throughout our country's abundant history, proud Americans have come together to battle obstacles that have threatened its integrity and democratic principles. Unfortunately, it appears that our priorities have been altered. We are in the midst of a health care crisis that has left millions of fellow Americans without health insurance.

Although the Obama administration has fought hard to secure health insurance for all Americans, his mission is in true jeopardy. If his goal does not succeed, due to political differences, we have failed to conquer a serious crisis that affects us all. Is this what our Founding Fathers would want?
Jason E. Hill, Ridge


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