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Letters: Paying for schools, denied rebate

A New York State tax rebate check issued

A New York State tax rebate check issued in September 2014 to families who in 2012 had incomes between $40,000 and $300,000, and claimed at least one dependent child younger than 17. Credit: Newsday

I read with consternation about the $350 state tax rebate checks sent recently to families that claimed at least one child younger than 17 in 2012 ["Consider tax rebate checks for everyone," Letters, Oct. 6].

My first thought was, wait a minute. Shouldn't households without kids in the school system get the rebate check? We are the ones subsidizing other families' kids going to school.

What seems like common sense once again becomes uncommon.

Fred Eavarone, Huntington Station

Gimme a break. If we didn't have a child younger than 17, we're penalized?

On Long Island, we pay the highest taxes. If we're homeowners, we're taxed through the roof, in part because of careless policies and overpaid municipal workers.

No wonder Long Island is losing retiring baby boomers. Make no mistake, this will cause taxes to rise further.

As usual, socialist policies are ruining our country.

Jerry LaForgia, Lynbrook

I don't get it. I have three children who have gone through the Huntington school system. I'm a senior citizen on a fixed income.

For 20 years, I've been paying taxes with no school-age children of my own. I don't get a $350 rebate check?

Carolyn Fields, Huntington