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Letters: Pessimism about homelessness

This photo provided by Jennifer Foster shows New

This photo provided by Jennifer Foster shows New York City Police Officer Larry DePrimo presenting a barefoot homeless man in New York's Times Square with boots. (Nov. 14, 2012) Credit: AP

Regarding "Why are there homeless?" [Letters, Dec. 5], homelessness will never be completely eradicated.

Some years ago, an acquaintance of mine was shopping in Glen Cove when she saw a homeless man with no coat in freezing weather. She promptly purchased him a coat.

Several days later, she saw the same man out in the cold without the coat, the same result as the generous police officer who provided the boots and socks ["Man gifted shoes back on streets -- without them," News, Dec. 4].

Tom Santoro, Holbrook

The letter writer does not propose an idea as to how all people can be provided with a decent place to live, clothes to keep them warm, food and the opportunity to earn a living through useful work. There have been terrible consequences each time this has been tried: communist Russia and totalitarian states like Cuba are two recent examples.

We cannot solve the problems of unemployment, housing, feeding and clothing many in our population now. How are we going to keep people from living in the streets who want to live in the street?

Bernard Kram, Plainview

Many who purport to be homeless in New York City actually are not, but they choose homelessness as a career.

My son and I were walking one day and came upon a "homeless man" sitting on the sidewalk with a box that read "homeless." The box had money inside of it, and my son placed his gloves, scarf and hat into the box.

Upon our return, we noticed that not only was he not wearing the items, but he had removed them from his box.

Some exploit a truly civilized society.

Janet Lauritsen, Hicksville

The man in question who received the gift of shoes from the police officer was not, in fact, homeless. An investigation revealed that not only did he have an apartment, but he was receiving Social Security.

Beth Rose Feuerstein, Long Beach

The reality, though not easily accepted, is that there are homeless by choice. Local government as well as local church organizations provide myriad shelters for homeless. This includes places to sleep, and food to eat.

In most cases, the homeless by choice require medical attention, but short of forcing them to seek homeless services, what more can you expect?

John Cornicello, Lynbrook