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Letters: Plastic bag ban raises hackles

The Siena College Research Institute reported Monday, Aug.

The Siena College Research Institute reported Monday, Aug. 6, 2012, that its confidence index for the New York metro area was down in June over concerns on gas prices and what a drought in the Midwest will do to food prices. Credit: iStock

I use plastic grocery bags as my trash and garbage bags ["Plastic rapped," News, July 29]. It saves me money that I would otherwise spend on plastic bags in the same supermarkets. So tell me what the difference is. To me, a plastic bag is a plastic bag.

Is this ban a big-business way of forcing people to buy products they now get for free?

JoAnn Radesca, West Babylon

I was deeply disgusted to read the comments of Legis. Jay Schneiderman (I-Montauk) regarding plastic bags. I guess ignorance really is bliss!

He said, "I like to use those plastic bags. I feel like I'm a responsible user of them, and I find them very convenient."

Plastic bags are one of the most prolific killers of wildlife. There is no such thing as a responsible user!

I and many of my friends and family members have been using reusable bags for years, long before it (finally) became newsworthy. I keep them in my car. I find this "convenient" as well as "responsible."

Virginia Pusateri, Amityville

I find it comical that the Town of Southampton wants to ban plastic checkout bags, when the town requires residents to purchase "official town bags" to dispose of garbage in town dumps. In other words, we must put our garbage, which may already be in trash bags, into town plastic bags before depositing them into town receptacles!

I agree with limiting the use of plastic for the good of the environment, but really Southampton, you are being very hypocritical!

Lisa Martin, Sag Harbor