Is there any politician who can conquer what seems to be the ultimate unsolvable problem? I’m referring to the endless stream of robocalls that I, and many friends and associates, are receiving on what can be called an epidemic basis.

After surviving an “Oops, I dropped my headset” ploy from a robocaller, we are now besieged with what caller ID shows as an Amityville number. Between my home and cellphone, I’m receiving these as many as 10 times a day!

There are several others. One begins, “Congratulations!” I hang up after that, so I don’t even know what it’s for.

Yes, I’m on the National Do Not Call Registry, which, obviously, is useless.

Politicians must be getting these, as well, so what’s the answer?

Please make it stop!

Perry Gale, Medford

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About a year ago, I contacted Sen. Chuck Schumer about the constant harassment of robocalls on home phones and cellphones. At the time, Schumer called a news conference and proposed the Repeated Objectionable Bothering of Consumers on Phones Act, which would require all landline and mobile carriers to offer free robocall-blocking technology to customers [“Schumer targets robocalls,” News, June 6, 2016]. It has gone nowhere.

The Do Not Call Registry is a failed federal program. We should cancel it and potentially save the taxpayers money!

The phone companies should adopt technology to block robocalls that go out to multiple numbers from the same source.

Tom Spiker, Levittown

I was recently on vacation for 11 days. Before I left, I cleared all messages from my home phone. Upon returning, I had received 39 robocalls.

Something must be done. I constantly received these annoying, quality-of-life-disturbing calls, beginning at 8:50 a.m. and going until 10 p.m. or later.

Most are from drug companies. I told them I don’t take drugs and would not order from someone I don’t know. There are also many survey calls. I don’t participate in surveys on the phone. Others are for donations, credit cards and the IRS.

I recorded all the numbers that called for two weeks and have a list of 52 calls. Most are 888 or 887 or 800 area codes, and some are from Florida, Texas and California.

Please, I must not be the only person with this problem.

Judi Rettmer, Bellerose