Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

LETTERS: Plowed out, and the health care villains

A Bethpage

plowing success

I don't know what may have happened to yesterday's letter writer ["Snowplow woes in Bethpage," Letters, Dec. 22], but I couldn't be happier with the response from the Town of Oyster Bay. The plow driver came through my street early in the morning, making several passes in each direction, navigating his huge truck around numerous cars that were not removed from the street. The driver took care not to plow in already cleared driveways and left the street in the best possible condition despite the near record snowfall.

Mark Rothstein

Bethpage'D' is for Democrats

The Democrats deserve a grade of "D" for their efforts to ram a health care bill down our collective throats: It's deceptive, deceitful, dishonest, disguised, disheartening and disgusting ["Senate carving out its health bill," News, Dec. 21]. Let's hope they understand that the public that voted them into office can, and hopefully will, vote them all out during upcoming elections.

Bob Wolf

Rockville CentreRepublicans aren't shining, either

While the spotlight has been focused on the Senate Democrats' efforts to secure the 60 votes they needed for passage of their health care reform bill, not enough attention has been paid to the real culprits in this matter: the Republicans in both houses. Can you think of any positive proposals they've put forth about this issue?

Their lockstep resistance appears to be based on two underlying reasons: First, as their consistent behavior has shown in the past year, they simply want President Barack Obama to fail. Second, any legitimate health care reform will undercut the obscene profits of their two main constituencies, the pharmaceutical and insurance industries.

Caring about the needs of the American people? What, are you kidding?

Stan Friedland

SyossetNo real reform left

in health care bill

The health care reform bill is a sham. It does not provide meaningful reform or lower costs. The original bill had good intentions, but it has been stripped of any meaningful reform. It is useless in its current form.

Gregory Ciulla

Franklin SquareGlobal warming?

Not this week

A blizzard in the Northeast. A blizzard in Europe - before it was even winter.

Leave it to Mother Nature to expose Al Gore's hypocrisy. It's a shame that this didn't happen a week earlier, before the United States foolishly contributed $100 billion to the money-grabbers in Copenhagen ["Obama forges climate deal amid sharp criticism," News, Dec. 19].

Charles R. Colan

Blue Point