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Letters: Police beating, coverage outrageous

Kevin Turner, who fled from Suffolk police officers

Kevin Turner, who fled from Suffolk police officers in 2010 after running a stop sign, was beaten so severely that he later died from his injuries. Credit: Newsday Photo Illustration/ Arturo Jimenez

What a disgrace for the Suffolk County Police Department ["Violent end to a chase," News, Dec. 8]. Officer Kenneth Hamilton should be fired and lose his pension.

The SCPD should be ashamed of itself for protecting cops after repeated citizen complaints over 11 years. This only results in the 99 percent of excellent police officers having to overcome this stigma.

Al Lane, Yaphank

This is biased reporting. Newsday filled nine pages on the topic of a person who died following an encounter with the police three years ago. Newsday went so far as to include a long column describing the career of one of the police officers involved in the arrest.

On the other hand, the record of the person the officers were attempting to arrest is reduced to one small paragraph. He had been arrested seven times, and of those, convicted of harassment and disorderly conduct misdemeanors. He also had marijuana and PCP in his bloodstream. When the police stopped him, he resisted arrest.

You have certainly showed a prejudicial approach in reporting this event.

Richard Enright, Middle Island