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Letters: Police use of Tasers on suspects

Taser gun training expert Ken Augsbach of the

Taser gun training expert Ken Augsbach of the Suffolk County Police Department demonstrates the use of the Taser gun. (Oct. 15, 2013) Credit: Newsday / J. Conrad Williams, Jr.

I think that the Long Island police should not be issued Tasers because the police can always shoot someone in a nonfatal body part to temporarily stop them ["LI cops embrace use of Tasers as tool against violent suspects," News, Oct. 28].

What a police officer wouldn't know is the height and weight of the person they are going to tase. If they guess wrong, the stun will either kill a person or do nothing to them.

James Millen, Rockville Centre

I think increasing the use of stun guns is a good idea. When a criminal is out of control and you don't want to resort to pulling a gun, the stun gun is a perfect weapon.

Even though some deaths did occur when Suffolk County police used Tasers, they seemed to have resulted from the actions that followed, including the use of pepper spray and violent reactions of the men attacking the police.

Tasers are a safe alternative for police in violent situations.

Victoria Donohue, Farmingdale