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Letters: Political candidates disrespect voters

Voters wait in line to cast their ballot

Voters wait in line to cast their ballot in Arizona's presidential primary election, Tuesday, March 22, 2016, in Gilbert, Ariz. Credit: AP / Matt York

Enough is enough. I am disgusted with the negative campaigns at every level of politics, local to presidential [“Debate to test how low they’ll go,” News column, Sept. 26].

Why have we come to this point? Are voters held in such low esteem that candidates no longer feel it necessary to tell us how they are qualified to lead and what they might actually do if elected?

I’m tired of hearing how corrupt or immoral the other candidate is. I’m tired of candidates saying untruths so often that those statements are looked upon as fact.

I deserve better. We all do.

Mitchell Cooperman, Dix Hills


Last week, I returned from traveling abroad where I interacted with both French and Dutch citizens. Almost immediately, they asked me about Donald Trump. What is going on in America? They are genuinely concerned and frightened by the rhetoric of Trump. Unfortunately, my only response was, “as an American, I’m embarrassed.”

I’m embarrassed by the empty, bombastic vitriolic language of an egotistical man who is willing to attack and make fun of anyone who gets in his way. I’m embarrassed by a man who says he will jail his political opponent. I’m embarrassed by a man who reveals in a video that he is sexual predator, and women then come forward to validate his comments. I’m embarrassed by a man attempting to intimidate, suppress and attack the free press. I’m embarrassed by a man who, with his surrogates, is beating the drum to rationalize a probable defeat with the mantra of a rigged election. How will he and his supporters react? I fear the embarrassment will not end on Nov. 9.

Michael Alestra, East Quogue