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Letters: Politicians cynically oppose third track

This view looking west, shows the stretch of

This view looking west, shows the stretch of single-track main line between the Pinelawn and Wyandanch stations on the LIRR's Ronkonkoma branch, April 16, 2012. Photo Credit: Newsday / John Paraskevas

Thank you for saying what a lot of Long Island residents like me were thinking when you published your Aug. 1 editorial “Third track must get top priority.”

For months, it seems, the narrative surrounding the proposed third-track Long Island Rail Road expansion has been dominated by current and former politicians who claim to be community saviors by vociferously opposing this badly needed project. I believe their opposition serves their own personal, professional or political gain.

The value an efficient, modernized LIRR would bring to Long Island far exceeds the temporary construction inconveniences that would be seen by residents and businesses close to the tracks. If leaders like Floral Park Mayor Thomas Tweedy would focus on working with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to mitigate disruption during the construction, that would be a real service to constituents, rather than playing to the NIMBY crowd.

Matthew Zeidman, New Hyde Park


I do not understand how Newsday and the LIRR are stuck in the horse-and-buggy era. The railroad could add 20 tracks to this ancient system and never cut even five minutes off the commute to New York City from Hicksville.

Why not build a futuristic bullet train from Montauk to New York City to move commuters? Place it over the Long Island Expressway. This would reduce travel time, attract people to take mass transit, cut auto pollution and make Long Island a greater draw for families.

Use the existing tracks to move bulky cargo freight.

John Wolf, Levittown