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Letters: Pondering Nassau legislators’ raises

The Nassau County legislature in session on Sunday,

The Nassau County legislature in session on Sunday, Oct. 30, 2011, in Mineola. Photo Credit: Howard Schnapp

I have no problem increasing the salaries of Nassau County legislators [“Big raise for legislators,” News, Dec. 22]. My conditions are that these are their full-time jobs, and there’s public financing of elections, so those of us who are less well-connected can apply for the position.

Daryl Altman, Lynbrook


If Nassau County legislators haven’t had an increase in salary since 1996, a raise to $75,000 taking effect two years from now works out to about just under 3 percent a year, close to the rate of inflation.

Is that still too much annual increase for a “part time” job? Maybe. Could it have been linked to some kind of campaign finance restrictions? Possibly, but the two aren’t necessarily related.

It’s never a good time for legislators to raise their own pay, or that of future colleagues. But this is not the outrage you want people to think it is by trumpeting a “90 percent raise.”

Jim Van Schaick, Baldwin


Reading about the increase in salary voted by all the county legislators disturbed me. These legislators have become professional legislators.

If with the increases came term limits, the change would have been more palatable to me. The current legislators seem to worry only about getting re-elected. The proof is eliminating the school speed cameras instead of tweaking them, and substituting unreasonable real estate transaction fees for a property tax increase.

I pray that future legislators will serve the public as opposed to their careers.

Rony Kessler, Franklin Square