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Letters: Poor ways to celebrate the 4th

Fireworks at Jones Beach on Saturday, July 4,

Fireworks at Jones Beach on Saturday, July 4, 2015. Credit: Angela Datre

I'm all in favor of competition. However, when it consists of gorging yourself with enough food to feed a lot of hungry people, it becomes an unappetizing, disgusting display of waste [" 'Megatoad' crowned new hot dog 'chomp,' " News, July 5].

Here's an idea! Perhaps the same amount of news coverage could be given to Nathan's Famous for donating a few hundred hot dogs to a food shelter or soup kitchen. It makes a lot more sense than people making themselves sick on too much food consumption just to obtain a meaningless title. It's food for thought.

Linda Munkelwitz, Sayville

Every year I find myself picking up empty fireworks casings from my backyard ["1 dead, 1 hurt due to fireworks," News, July 6]. My dog whines and shakes the entire time as they explode, and the air is thick with smoke.

If I want to see fireworks, I'll go to a legitimate fireworks show. I resent the fact that this illegal activity is allowed to flourish as if it were a basic right, while ignoring the rights of others to be free of days of explosions and misery.

Pearl Michalow, West Sayville