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Letters: Pope's visit raises issues

Pope Francis, pictured here on Aug. 26, 2015,

Pope Francis, pictured here on Aug. 26, 2015, gets high marks from New Yorkers in a recent Newsday/News 12/Siena College poll. Credit: Getty / Vincenzo Pinto

The article "Pope Francis in America: The face of the church" [News, Sept. 4] tells us that the pope will meet with immigrants living legally and illegally in New York. One man here illegally, Sebastian Thomas, who comes from India, claims to have been threatened in his home country because he is Catholic.

The article stated that a "Bible and the clothes on his back were often all he had as he journeyed from India to Brazil, and through Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico -- to finally wade across the Rio Grande in Texas."

Many of the countries he passed through until he illegally crossed into our country have Catholic majorities. Why did he not apply for asylum in any of those countries instead of coming thousands of miles to a country where Catholics are a minority? Is it because he thinks he can get better benefits here?

Once again, it appears we are being taken advantage of. The United States already receives more immigrants and refugees than the rest of the world. When does enough become enough?

Robert F. LaPorta, Dix Hills

With all due respect to His Holiness, his time would be much better spent visiting the victims, and families of the victims, of the prisoners incarcerated in Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility in Philadelphia [" 'Not forgotten': In ministry of mercy, Francis to include visit to inmates and their families at Philadelphia prison," News, Sept. 6].

John Maglione, Massapequa