Tweeting is perfect for this busy man with a millisecond attention span [“Donald Trump’s bully pulpit is a Twitter account,” Opinion, Jan. 5]. He can communicate instantly to the masses, bypassing the media. The messages are visible to all, not hidden in email.

Recently, he stopped Carrier Corp. from moving jobs south of the border — albeit with a $50 million tax break. Then, with a stroke of a key, he bullies Ford, saying it will pay a high tariff on cars produced offshore.

He then scared the Republicans into dropping plans to gut the congressional ethics panel! All this while still a private citizen.

I did not vote for Donald Trump; I cast my ballot for Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate. When he takes office, I hope Trump keeps up this reign of terror.

F. Michael Dusek, Fort Salonga


A great beginning would have been a hopeful, inclusive New Year’s greeting from our president-elect [“No press pool for Trump again,” News, Jan. 1]. Instead, Donald Trump’s vicious tweet called people who didn’t vote for him enemies and losers. There is only one person who can start the healing process, and with the election two months behind us, Trump hasn’t even begun.

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Daryl Altman, Lynbrook