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Good Morning

LETTERS: Post-election concerns, LIPA rate cut

Hoping for better from those elected

I commend you on this timely admonition to both Republicans and Democrats: "Elected officials must finally put what's good for the country above their partisan concerns" ["Desperate for better answers," Editorial, Nov. 4].

We have been missing this spirit over the past decade. We would have been out of this difficult time far sooner had these two major political parties followed this path.

It is the time for compromise. Better to forget their past grievances and begin afresh. They should seriously consider doing something solid, something to be proud of for the nation. I wish both political parties would give particular heed to your sagacious editorial.

Mumtazul Islam

St. James

Now that the election is over and the noise has subsided, let's see if the Republicans can go from the Party of No to the Party of Do.

Frederick Marks


President Barack Obama's 22 months in office has seen us through an official end to the Great Recession, but climbing out of that economic abyss has proved a long, frustrating struggle. Judging from the midterm elections, many believe the answer is to turn government back over to the party that spent the last decade plunging us into that abyss.

For all the endless talk about smaller government and reduced spending, Republican administrations in actual practice increase spending as much or more so than Democratic administrations. Both parties spend lavishly, they just spend on different things.

I prefer overspending on America and things that benefit ordinary Americans like myself, not on foreign wars, nation-building, and other things that benefit tycoons, military contractors, insurance conglomerates, international corporations, banks, oil barons and mercenary "security" operations at the expense of us all.

Craig W. Norris


A plea to Long Island politicians in Albany

With State Sen. Brian Foley's (D-Blue Point) loss by a wide margin in the 3rd District, and 7th District incumbent Sen. Craig Johnson (D-Port Washington) now needing absentee ballots to maintain his position, a message has been sent to all Long Island state representatives: Start looking out for Long Islanders and not the interests of Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, with his city agenda.

John Roche

South Setauket

LIPA, such a deal

The Long Island Power Authority says that my bill is going to go down about $3.30 per month ["LIPA bills to drop if you pay on time," News, Nov. 6]. Wow, in four months I can cross the Verrazano Bridge.

Thom McRedmond

East Islip