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LETTERS: Postage increase, 'Mockingbird's' subtext and more

Here's his 2 cents on postal increase

"Postal service seeks another 2-cent increase" : I say, why not? If this is what it takes to see this great business and service stay, I'm all for it.

The employees who work for the postal service are some of the finest folks in the country. I still like to receive mail six days a week, and I'm willing to pay for it.

Tony Guardino, Bay Shore

Lee's subtext skewers schools

As Nicolaus Mills points out, "To Kill a Mockingbird" is 50 years old and still a book worth celebrating .

Because the book is such a powerful condemnation of racial prejudices in the South, it is easy to overlook an equally powerful subtext, which is Harper Lee's no-holds-barred evisceration of the public school system. One-fourth of the book is devoted to Scout's problems with her teachers - one of whom chastises Atticus because his daughter can read before she is "supposed to."

It is no wonder this book is controversial in academia!

Mary Lou Cohalan, Bayport

Rev's words inflame Heat-ed argument

If charges of racial animus by the Rev. Jesse Jackson against Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert are true, then we must be convinced that Gilbert would have treated a nonblack player in similar circumstances with less vitriol .

If Gilbert is an irate employer venting after James' decision to leave his team, then Jackson's inflammatory words like "plantation" and "slave" demean James by wrapping him in the shroud of our lamentable racist past.

Without other evidence, if any, of Gilbert's propensity for disparate treatment, Jackson may as well challenge the concept of a team "owner" as an unwanted vestige of slave life.

David Terhune, Brooklyn

The Boss had class

Say what you will about George Steinbrenner, to me he was a class act .

In 2006, I sent The Boss a photo of my grandson, Zachary, and requested that Steinbrenner sign the photo so I could give him a memento of a key Yankee official, with whom my grandson shared a birthday - July 4. About a week later, from Tampa, Fla., I received an envelope with the photo, signed: "To Zach, a great future Yankee. George Steinbrenner," along with a note from his personal assistant.

George Haber, Jericho


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