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Letters: Prison system needs overhaul

The Suffolk County Jail in Riverhead is see

The Suffolk County Jail in Riverhead is see here on Feb, 2, 2006. Credit: Newsday / Daniel Goodrich

One of the two Dannemora prison escapees was serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole ["DA: She plotted to kill husband," News, June 18].

New York's death penalty statute was ruled unconstitutional by the state's highest court in 2004. If this escapee commits more murders while on the lam, what is his punishment? Additional life sentences?

It seems that, without a death penalty, there is nothing to stop this convict, and future escapees, from perpetrating future capital crimes without meaningful consequences.

Edgar Smith, North Massapequa

For days I've read articles revealing serious flaws in how we imprison our most serious convicts. It must have cost New York State thousands of dollars per year to have incarcerated these two escaped convicted murders.

For $200, I can purchase a wireless camera and monitor my house from my cell phone 24 hours a day. Is there something I am missing? There must be a cheaper, more effective way to imprison someone.

John R. Brooks, Babylon