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Letters: PSEG Long Island penalizes customers for warm weather

A PSEG Long Island truck on July 10,

A PSEG Long Island truck on July 10, 2014. Credit: Newsday / John Paraskevas

Now PSEG Long Island will be adding a new charge called “revenue decoupling adjustment” of $1.69 per month to recoup a 2015 revenue shortfall [“PSEG to add new fee,” News, Feb. 11].

The Long Island Power Authority rhetoric blaming an unusually warm December for the sales shortfall is laughable. When was the last time PSEG gave its customers a “revenue decoupling credit” when the weather was unusually cold?

Bob Buscavage, Moriches


Come on, PSEG Long Island, really? Another fee, along with among the highest utility bills in the country?

We are trying to conserve any way we can, because of the utility’s rates, and now PSEG Long Island says that because of a warm winter it wants to recoup what Mother Nature graced us with.

Ed McCormack, Merrick