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Letters: PSEG outsources Garden City jobs

PSEG Long Island trucks leave a service yard

PSEG Long Island trucks leave a service yard on Jan. 1, 2014. Photo Credit: Newsday / J. Conrad Williams Jr.

Shame on PSEG Long Island for not renewing its contract with IBM, an American-based company ["IBM reducing workers: Contract ends with PSEG, which hired India-based firm," News, June 4]. Instead, the utility has agreed to contract with a company in India. This move will result in at least a dozen workers losing their jobs.

Glenn Nilsen, West Babylon

This is one more example of corporate America giving away jobs to foreign countries to save a few dollars. Who do these companies think is going to buy their products and services if they keep decimating our workforce with the "globalization" of our economy?

We have two major problems in this country. One is debilitating unemployment in our inner cities causing social unrest, and the other is the abandonment of the American workforce everywhere in America by our own corporations. There is a direct cause and effect.

Why doesn't the federal government use a fraction of the money spent on social services to subsidize a pilot program in a depressed inner city assembling washing machines? I believe that anyone would rather have a job than be on welfare.

Kevin Oliver, Northport


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