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Letters: 'Red Light Robin Hood' causes stir

An image from a video posted on YouTube

An image from a video posted on YouTube allegedly shows a man tampering with a red-light camera in Ronkonkoma, left. Stephen Ruth, 42, of Centereach, was arrested at his home on Tuesday, Aug. 25, 2015, on criminal tampering and obstruction of governmental administration charges, police said. Credit: YouTube; SCPD

I say give the red-light rebel a medal for his public-spirited work, and while that's being done, give the boot to Nassau County's government [" 'Red Light Robin Hood' needs driving lessons," Editorial, Aug. 28].

In this case, civil disobedience is a good thing and long overdue.

Bob Boos, Plainview

I got a red-light ticket once when the program was new, and we were just learning about the lights. It was the last one I got.

There's no excuse for getting more than one. If everyone watched their driving manners, the system would no longer make a profit, and officials would take it down.

Of course, they will find another thing to throw at us, but that's the nature of the beast.

Frank Salerno, Mount Sinai

Kudos to Steven Ruth for engaging in civil disobedience at its best! He managed to make a very important statement without damaging property and demonstrated the courage of his convictions by inviting arrest.

Municipalities argue that red-light cameras are placed at strategic locations for the purpose of public safety. Why, then, is so much emphasis placed on the revenue stream generated and the positive effect on budgets? Technology employed to achieve public safety should not be a profit center. Safety is an obligation that stands alone.

Most infractions captured by these cameras are not life-threatening. They burden safe drivers with a fine plus a service charge to pay the company operating the cameras. Ignoring a red light or failing to slow down while making a right turn on red are dangerous. Adjust these devices to address only the most egregious violations. Then the public good will be justly served.

Ruth has managed to toss the tea into the harbor while keeping it dry for tea time.

Edward Weinert, Melville