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Letters: Red-light ticket late fee scam

I would like to join the list of disgruntled motorists who paid a late fee for a "lost" ticket notice ["Late-fee surprise after a 'lost' ticket," Your Community Watchdog, May 12].

The one and only notice that I received was in January 2012, informing me that I failed to respond to the first notice and now owed a late fee. It would seem that Judy Cartwright may have uncovered a pattern that would warrant an investigation.

Tom Higgins, Plainview

I have a very similar story. After receiving a red-light camera ticket in the mail, I sent a check the same day. A few weeks later, I received a late fee notice of $25.

After appealing the late fee online because I had paid the fine, I was denied, due to insufficient evidence. As luck would have it, the next day, my check was cashed!

Every $50 fine becomes $75. What a scam!

Michael Kalab, Holtsville