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LETTERS: Reid controversy, homeless and more

Reid on the hot seat

I am not a supporter of Sen. Harry Reid or the Democratic Party ["Reid's remorse," News, Jan. 10], but the comments and political threats made against him because of what he said in a book are dastardly.

It seems that there are an untold number of proponents for free and open discussions concerning race relations in this country. Yet, whenever someone of prominence - particularly if they are Caucasian - speaks out about race in a controversial statement, there is an instant reaction to brand that person as a racist, regardless of the possible validity of what has been said.

Such reaction works counter to our goal of open and free exchange of ideas, which would lead to better race relations.

James Handlin

Floral Park

In the Democratic Party, no one has called for Sen. Harry Reid's resignation for his racially insensitive comments toward the president. As a black American I will never register as a Democrat because of the double standard that the party promotes at all costs.

Where are the Revs. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, and all the high-ranking Democratic politicians who called for Republican Sen. Trent Lott to resign? All politicians who represent us, the American people, must be judged using the same standard when it comes to bigotry.

David Duchatellier


How about concern for 'legal homeless'?

Where is the compassion for the American people who are here legally who are now homeless due to the current state of our economy? These people have lost everything, even their homes, and would be happy to get any job to provide for their families.

Services paid for with our tax money should go first to the people who are here legally. That doesn't mean we have no compassion; there are just no extra funds to carry all of these people.

Our homeless shelters are packed, our food pantries can't even keep up with the need. We need to speak up and support the elected officials who fight for their constituents who are here legally and who need our help in this time of need.

Debbie Sturgess

Stony Brook

Police shooting

was underplayed

I find it strange that you chose to put the story of a police officer shooting an innocent man on page A18 ["Cop shoots man at traffic stop." News, Jan. 12]. It seems to me that this story belongs on the front page - or at least as a higher priority news story.

Salvatore Diana