Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Letter: Remember U.S. missteps of WWII

Rick Jason, left, and Vic Morrow in the

Rick Jason, left, and Vic Morrow in the 1960s World War II drama "Combat."

During World War II, the United States of America put Japanese-Americans into internment camps. Nowadays, we are seeking to demonize American Muslims in the same fearful manner [“Islam fruitful foil for GOP hopefuls,” News, Nov. 29].

This time, however, we seek to surround them not with barbed wire, but with spying/entrapment equipment [“Trump won’t rule out limits on American Muslims’ civil liberties,” News, Nov. 21].

Whether it is the fear of letting Syrian refugees into the United States or the spying on fellow Americans who are Muslims, and others who are “different,” this puts us on the wrong path. This is just what the Islamic State wants. Division and fear are great tactics. All Americans should remember that repeating the past by isolating those we deem threats means that we, too, can be next on the hit list. Then we all lose, and the terrorists win.

Elaine Peters, Hicksville