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Letters: Rent rooftops to generate solar power

This massive solar farm, hard at work on

This massive solar farm, hard at work on April 4, 2015, sits along Edwards Avenue in Calverton. Credit: Steve Pfost

Here is an idea to increase solar panels without tree removal, large expanses of panels, etc. [“Solar approach too haphazard,” Editorial, June 27]. Call it “rent a rooftop.” Put together regulations, an approved plan, PSEG Long Island and contractors to rent the roofs of houses that do not have solar installations. Offer homeowners part of the electric production with no financial obligation.

We have a perfect southwest-facing roof and no trees to block sunlight.

Fred Smith, Massapequa


Using solar panels seems to be our best option to offset the emissions released by burning fossil fuels, but cutting trees to do it is counterproductive.

A better idea would be to mount panels above Long Island Rail Road tracks. Although this would be considerably more expensive, it would keep the tracks clear in the winter, and if the trains run on direct current, they could use some of the resulting electricity.

Shoreham’s 350 acres equals roughly 15,300,000 square feet. A line of the LIRR, assuming a 40-foot width and 100-mile length, would amount to 21,120,000 square feet. Acres of parking lots could also be covered.

Michael Babaian, Garden City