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Letters: Responsibility for the war in Iraq

A picture taken on September 3, 2007 shows

A picture taken on September 3, 2007 shows US "surge" troops from 1-30 Infantry Battalion crouching after hearing gunshots during a foot patrol along the Tigris river south of Baghdad. Credit: Getty Images

It's no surprise that Newsday blames former President George W. Bush for the Iraq War and its aftermath, while ignoring the war begun by President Barack Obama in Libya, which is and will be a black hole ["Hard-learned lessons of war," Editorial, March 24].

At least Bush received the approval of Congress. The Bush administration's weapons of mass destruction information was based on defectors, CIA Director George Tenet and every spy agency in the West.

The Korean War saved the people of South Korea, while the people of North Korea starved. After winning the war in Vietnam, Congress cut off aid, and more genocide resulted in Cambodia.

These wars don't ever end the way governments predict, and they probably never will.

Jack Lacey, Southold

Bravo on your editorial. I was especially thrilled to read your statement, "blame too the all-volunteer military system."

Our government, which is in cahoots with our biggest business -- the military-industrial complex -- learned during the protests and demonstrations about the Vietnam War that the draft needed to be dropped.

I would love to see a bill passed saying that if government votes to go to war again, the individuals must send their sons and daughters -- or their grandsons and granddaughters -- to the front lines. I wonder if President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney had been required to send their daughters to Iraq, would we have invaded?

JoAnn Radesca, West Babylon