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Letters: Restroom brouhaha lacking in logic

A dispute about bathroom rights turned into a

A dispute about bathroom rights turned into a Pandora's box of philosophical riddles about the nature of identity and the meaning of truth earlier this month. Credit: iStock

When people and politicians use the expression “freedom of religion” to mask their discrimination, it makes me wonder what religion they follow [“6 GOP votes switch, kill anti-bias LGBT bill,” News, May 20].

The transgender bathroom argument doesn’t hold water for me. If I’m a woman who relates to being a man, and I use the men’s room, I’m using the stall because I physically can’t use the urinal. Likewise, if I’m a man who relates to being a woman, and I use the women’s room, I again will have to use a stall because there are no urinals in the women’s bathrooms.

So where is the problem? At the sink? Washing hands? Looking in the mirror? All the stalls have doors.

To bring up the notion of pedophiles attacking kids is using the emotion of fear to hide one’s hate. The only worship that likes to build on fear and hate would be one that worships the prince of darkness.

Matt Reuschle, Northport


The word “choice” must be taken out of the discussion regarding transgender people and the whole non-issue about which bathrooms they should use. The word is used as part of the conservative fear-mongering campaign waged to suppress social progress gained over these past, hard-fought decades.

If you put a marble inside an apple, the marble doesn’t become an apple. Transgender people don’t choose a different sexual identity than their outside appearance indicates. There is a biological disconnect in which their inside identity doesn’t match their outside presentation.

And the whole debate about sexual predators taking advantage is bogus. Sexual predators have never needed bathroom laws to get to their victims.

Abby G. Burton, Plainview