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Letters: Ripple effects of 2016 presidential election

Undated composite of President-elect Donald Trump and Hillary

Undated composite of President-elect Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Credit: Wires

So now we have a president-elect who says that his supporters shouldn’t take what he says literally [“The inscrutable president-elect,” Opinion, Nov. 13].

Have our political standards deteriorated to the point of absurdity? Does a man who’s said outrageous things about everything from “lock her up” to “build the wall” to ban some immigrants think that the voters who elected him are morons?

If lying is the new normal to get elected, may God have mercy on us.

Henry Beyer, Woodmere


I would love to know why the Republican leadership opposes recounts in three states [“Stop being a sore winner,” Editorial, Nov. 29]. Donald Trump won by a slim margin in some of these states. What are the Republicans afraid of?

Are they worried about fair election practices? At a time when one person-one vote has been decimated by the archaic Electoral College, aren’t we entitled to choose our leader?

I look forward to reasonable answers to these questions.

June Zeger, East Meadow