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LETTERS: Road map gets us lost, solar flight downplayed in paper

Who wants to follow this 'road map'?

Caroline Baum's essay on one Republican's fiscal plan is so absurd and out of touch with reality that it deserves a response .

She says the so-called Roadmap for America's Future would not slash "benefits to the sick and needy" or increase taxes, yet in the very same paragraph, she notes that Medicare and Social Security benefits would be "means-tested and health-adjusted" for people under 55, and that Social Security would be "progressive."

She advocates a gradual rise in the Social Security retirement age, even as many people age 50 and older are having the toughest time finding work in a generation. She suggests individuals invest some of their payroll taxes in personal-retirement accounts, while many Americans have watched values plunge in their 401(k) plans, due largely to shenanigans in the financial markets.

She recommends vouchers for Medicare recipients so they can buy private health insurance at a time when those same insurers have been servicing elderly patients with far less efficiency than the government.

And then she wonders why there's so little enthusiasm for this plan on Capitol Hill.

David Fluhrer

Locust Valley

Solar-powered flight falls flat in Newsday

Newsday puts a story about the completion of an overnight flight propelled by solar power on Page 27 . Are you kidding me? Newsday degraded this monumental achievement with a shrug of the shoulders.

One hundred or so years from now we will travel at the speed of light with cheap solar power.

Silly? Sixty-six years after the Wright brothers lifted off at Kitty Hawk, we landed on the moon. Unbelievable? Yes. Just as this Page 27 footnote was.

Mead Pepe


Suggestion rooted in fiscal prudence

Why does Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand need $100,000 in federal funding for Bellport and Roosevelt teens to sell produce at farmers markets "Taking a stand for farms," News, July 8]?

Instead of adding to the trillions of dollars of federal deficit, why doesn't Gillibrand suggest that New Yorkers go out and purchase a few dollars worth of radish and zucchini seeds to plant?

New Yorkers will get a return on their investment when the plants bear produce, and we all won't be stuck paying the interest on the $100,000 in federal funding for the next 20 years!

Diana Erbio

St. James


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