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Letters: S-no plows in sight

New York State Department of Transportation trucks clearing

New York State Department of Transportation trucks clearing the Long Island Expressway as seen looking west from the Route 25 overpass. (Feb. 10, 2013). Credit: John Roca

As I sit at home on my second consecutive snow day, hours away from the State of the Union address, reading people's accounts of the slow and inept snow cleanup, one thought comes to mind ["It's a blizzard of criticism," News, Feb. 12],

I hope that people are realizing that if government is too ineffective to complete a simple task of plowing roads, maybe it's not in the best interest of the people for government to control their health care, retirement funds, pensions, the economy, businesses or mortgages, or to ask for more revenues to pay for its ineptness and failures.

One can only hope that an event like this causes people to understand how ineffective an expanding government can be.

Ryan Pearsall, East Islip

I live in the Town of Islip, and just like Brookhaven, the cleanup has been horrible. School has been canceled for two days.

School kids already lost enough days to superstorm Sandy. The sad part is, it's going to become a blame game, and no one will learn from this, and the kids are going to suffer even more.

Patricia Kanfer, Holbrook

Newsday's editorial correctly pointed out the issues concerning the roads in Suffolk County ["Island's tale of two storms," Feb. 11]. We live in Port Jefferson, which was hit very hard. But we have had storms that were almost as bad, notably around Christmas 2010, which did not cause the havoc this blizzard caused.

The problem was not just Brookhaven or Smithtown, but that every town seemed to have roads unplowed or minimally plowed. We normally see plows several times during a storm. But Saturday, we had one plow that cleared a single lane, and the plow was not planning to clear the cul-de-sac at the end of my block until he was begged to.

Rumors abound that so much money was spent during superstorm Sandy that officials were scrimping on overtime for this storm. If that is true, it's shameful. Last winter there was no snow, so where is the money that was saved then?

Neil Bellovin, Port Jefferson

Thank you to the Long Island Power Authority (National Grid) crew, and the crews that came from out of the area, to help Long Island get through Nemo. On Sunday, we didn't have power, nor was our road plowed. I saw the electric utility crew walking up the road, in almost three feet of snow, carrying equipment. One man climbed the electric pole, while the men below sent equipment up in a basket on a pulley line.

Though bitter cold, the workers were not deterred. A crew of four, along with a supervisor, walked the length of the road checking all poles. Power was restored shortly thereafter.

Kudos to everyone in the utility company's offices who kept us informed of the status of our outage. We were restored in 30 hours.

However, as of Monday, our road had not been plowed!

Bonnie Smith, Port Jefferson