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Letters: Sad to see neglect at 9/11 memorial

EAST MEADOW, NY -- March 7, 2010--Park-goers stroll

EAST MEADOW, NY -- March 7, 2010--Park-goers stroll past swimming ducks in the lake by the Nassau County 9/11 Memorial in Eisenhower Park on a Spring-like day Sunday March 7, 2010. (Photo by Kevin P. Coughlin) Credit: Photo by KEVIN P. COUGHLIN

The article “TLC for 9/11 memorial” [News, June 1], about Eisenhower Park, disturbed me greatly, as it should every Nassau County resident.

Shame on county officials for letting that memorial fall into disrepair. Sadly, it’s another example of deferred maintenance. Is this how we honor the people who died on that day?

William Devlin, Rockville Centre


Last week, I read an ad for a newly constructed five-bedroom, five-bath house with heated pool and beach rights on two gated acres in Southampton for $2.095 million. Then I read Nassau County paid “more than $2 million” in 2007 dollars for construction of a 9/11 memorial that features two stainless-steel towers and a fountain includes “substandard materials” on county property in Eisenhower Park.

I don’t question the need for a memorial, I question who was responsible for this purchase.

Pat McGovern, East Meadow