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LETTERS: School budgets, immigration reform, Able-Ride cuts


Children punished when budgets fail


A letter writer states that "School boards often cut buses, sports and art programs to 'punish' parents for not voting for their big budgets" .

In reality, it is those who don't have children in the public schools who typically vote against school budgets. This includes senior citizens, who are more concerned about their taxes than about buses, sports and art programs. It also includes parents of private school children.

And it's not the parents who end up "punished." It's the children.

John Campanella



It must be noted that school districts are putting in an unprecedented effort to run as lean as possible while still providing quality education.

Teacher unions are acting in good faith by making concessions because they hear and understand their communities' recessionary strains. Teachers are reasonable professionals who play a tremendous role in the molding and advancement of our children year after year.

School boards are not in the practice of "punishing" parents for defeated budget votes. Rather, they recognize the need to keep students' instructional priorities intact. Packing more and more students into each class would dilute learning outcomes; anyone recommending this needs to first walk a mile in a student's Uggs.

John N. Piteris



Reform immigration by enforcing our laws


Immigrants don't sneak into the country to take advantage of our economic, education and health care systems, putting a tremendous burden on American taxpayers . They go through the proper channels, and have a right to be here.

In contrast, illegal immigrants thumb their noses at our legal system and expect special privileges. If the government had declared from the beginning that there would be absolutely no incentives of any kind for anyone entering the country illegally, we wouldn't have this huge problem now.

Irene Harshbarger



Able-Ride cuts hurt those most in need


Shame on the MTA and shame on Nassau County "Cuts hit disabled," News, March 26]. How does Able-Ride expect a person of disability to afford taxi service to and from work? If the MTA wanted to destroy all of the gains the disabled have achieved over the years, it certainly found a way to do it.

Surely there are other ways for the MTA to save money that do not break the backs of those who can least afford it.

Frances Sklaroff

Old Bethpage