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Letters: School budgets tight for youngest

Some $450 million in aid is at stake

Some $450 million in aid is at stake in New York City regarding teacher evaluations. (Jan. 13, 2013) Photo Credit: Istock

Many in the South Huntington school district are choosing to fight to keep the current full-day kindergarten program in place ["School board OKs $142.9M budget," News, April 5].

Mediocrity should not be the standard by which we educate our children. Simple reason would suggest that if you could choose between educating your child more, or less, you would choose more; especially with rigorous academic challenges ahead.

Many want to blame the school board, the superintendent, the unions or Albany. If we fail to keep our kindergarten program full-day, then we are all somewhat to blame. As a community, we are saying that we do not value education as a priority.

Our hands may be somewhat tied financially, but we should not lay down and let Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo's "blunt instrument" tax cap bash our children, or our community, over the head. I applaud the residents of South Huntington who are speaking out and fighting for the education our children deserve, and that we have all paid for.

I join these residents in urging the school board to reconsider its cuts to full-day kindergarten. I also ask state legislators and the governor to mandate full-day kindergarten statewide and fund it.

Lori Hieger, South Huntington

Thank you for the article, "Seeking fair share" [News, March 19]. It's very important to show our communities that there are concerned citizens rallying for our children's education. I strongly feel that education should be the last place where cuts are made.

I'm very concerned that prekindergarten and kindergarten always seem to be the first on the cutting block. These programs are the foundation for later years. Without this, our children will fall behind children in other towns that are more affluent.

My property taxes increase every year, so why are there so many cuts? I pay the extra costs so there won't be cuts to the school district, but it seems that every year, there's a shortfall. Why is that?

Maxima Castro, Brentwood

Editor's note: The writer is a coordinator for the Brentwood Gardens Community Organization.


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