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Letters: School cameras needed for safety

Suffolk County asked state legislators for permission to

Suffolk County asked state legislators for permission to install speed cameras in dozens of school zones -- a program that supporters said would increase safety for children and raise an estimated $6.8 million a year for the county. Credit: Courtesy of Xerox

Again I had to read negativity about the need for speed cameras ["Problems with speed cams persist," Letters, Sept. 17].

I am a school crossing guard. If cars don't slow down when they see me standing on a curb, what makes anyone believe that trimmed trees, flashing lights, more signs, etc., will do the trick?

I witness accidents, near-misses, screaming parents, cars coming up to my knees before stopping, and distracted drivers. I have had to grab children and jump out of the way of oncoming traffic with my hands and sign up! Do you honestly think that there is no need for these cameras? Stand out with me for one hour!

As for the "let us speed after hours" mentality, are educated parents and professionals really saying this? Aren't most schools in residential areas? When is it safe to speed?

Our children watch how we drive and imitate us. What we should all say to ourselves is, "I must be a more aware and considerate driver," period!

Linda Oley, Bayport

I was very surprised by the comment from Legis. Judith Jacobs (D-Woodbury) ["Speed cams add 5 sites," News, Sept. 15]. She said it's "confusing" and unfair to motorists who have to guess which cameras are operating and which are not.

Should students not cheat on tests only when the teacher is watching? Is it OK to break the law if a police officer is not standing beside us? Jacobs is way off on this one. John Marks, the Nassau Traffic and Parking Violations Agency executive director, was right on with his rebuttal that people should follow the law whether or not there is a camera in place.

Some will argue that this new initiative is just another moneymaking tool but, at the end of the day, our children will be a lot safer.

Catherine Kropf Harris, Levittown