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LETTERS: School districts, red-light cameras and police precincts

Consolidate districts to lower school taxes

Two writers made the point that illegal immigrants were the cause for the rise in school taxes on Long Island . That may be part of the reason, but it's certainly not the major cause. Consider the cost of superintendent and staff salaries, pensions, and medical and other benefits. As long as the school districts on Long Island remain unconsolidated, we'll invest more and more of our property tax dollars on administrative costs instead of quality education. Until the people and the political leaders stand up and change the school district alignment, we can expect tax rises to continue unabated.

Carl Borruso

Valley Stream

Seeing red on cameras

It was interesting to read that a contractor in Arizona processes the pictures of the red-light camera violations . It's good to know that Nassau residents are helping to create jobs 2,000 miles away. At the same time, our public officials have prevented the creation of jobs and taxpaying properties as they duel each other over the still-stalled Lighthouse project. A picture from Arizona is worth a thousand words.

Andrew J. Sparberg



These cameras are in place not to promote safety, but to provide revenue for a bloated bureaucracy. They represent another step toward the Big Brother world predicted by Orwell in "1984." If safety is the reason for these cameras, then I'd like to see the statistics for these intersections.

Arthur Wellikoff



If we're really interested in increasing safety rather than revenue, posting warning signs at red-light camera intersections indicating there are cameras would do the trick. Sending a citation a month after the violation is just closing the barn doors after the horses have left.

Jay Kleinman

Franklin Square

Not looking out for us

Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano made a stupid decision in not communicating his idea to consolidate the administrative functions of Precincts Two and Six . Now we have hurt Democrats and arrogant Republicans - and the constituents are once again left behind.

Don't allow the rhetoric to sway you. They are looking out for themselves and their respective parties, not for you or me. Rather than fix the core problem (excessive compensation and benefits of municipal workers), they propose more Band-Aid "fixes." They continue to ignore the structural problems that will eat this state, county and each and every community alive - yet they believe that arguing over the rearrangement of deck chairs on the Titanic is the appropriate thing to do.

Doug Augenthaler

Port Washington