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Letters: School speed cameras debate

Traffic moves past the sign for the red-light

Traffic moves past the sign for the red-light camera on Old Country Road in Westbury on Aug. 18, 2011. Credit: Newsday/Thomas A. Ferrara

So let's get this correct: The speed cameras proposed for school zones are for the benefit of creating revenue for the various participants -- counties, villages -- and not for the safety of the children or the crossing guards ["Traffic cameras stalled," News, April 2]?

It's great to hear that our elected officials have placed the value of the dollar over the well-being of our youngest constituents. I'm all for the placement of speed cameras in schools zones -- but not as speed traps.

Richard Meyer, Lindenhurst

I'm happy that our state has the fortitude to stop this never-ending reliance on penalty-based revenue. Both Nassau and Suffolk counties want speed cameras to raise revenue.

Now that it looks as though this may not happen, will we get more red-light cameras? And when more revenue is needed, more cameras?

Can we figure out our budget problems without resorting to penalties, fines, racinos, fees and the like? Please find a way!

Robert Montelione, Massapequa Park