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Letters: Schools a 'bologna' sliced thin

Classrooms across Long Island were empty on Thursday.

Classrooms across Long Island were empty on Thursday. Check our listings of delayed openings, closures and cancellations to see what's in store for Friday. Credit: Daniel Brennan

Your editorial "Vote to end local stagnation" [Nov. 1] makes excellent points about the future of Long Island. But the fact remains that a key driver of residents' plans and decisions are local taxes -- particularly, the abnormally high fraction of our property taxes for schools.

Until local taxpayers wake up and realize that 124 separately funded school districts is a bologna that's sliced too thin, we will continue to face a significant financial burden that affects our living conditions. I remind you of the article you published several years ago comparing Long Island governance to that of the Virginia suburbs outside Washington. ["LI can learn from other booming communities," Opinion, Sept. 10, 2009].

I lived in suburban Maryland for 38 years before coming to Long Island in 2006. Lean, cost-effective governance was the rule in that area, including a single countywide school district. Long Island should consolidate its school districts -- at most one school district per town.

Paul Jacobs, Huntington