Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

LETTERS: Schumer's comment, Shinnecock casino site and more

Schumer's comment won't be forgotten

It never fails to astound when our great politicians display their true colors.

Here is Mr. Liberal, Mr. Women's Rights, Sen. Chuck Schumer, calling a flight attendant a "bitch" because he was told to turn off his phone. And he says it while sitting next to Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand ["Schumer sorry for comment," News, Dec. 17].

Doesn't his sense of entitlement and arrogance just turn your stomach? Not to mention his nasty vocabulary.

Here is a woman doing a very difficult and sometimes dangerous job, and our senator disrespects and defies her authority. He thinks the whole plane should just wait until he finishes his conversation.

Here is a bulletin, Sen. Schumer: A lot of us "bitches" have very long memories. It will be a great pleasure to vote for whoever runs against you.

Yvonne Kleine

BayportConsider other sites

for tribe's casino

If the Shinnecocks are seriously looking into building a casino, may I suggest instead of Belmont Park or Aqueduct racetracks as a possible site, they look at the old Kings Park Psychiatric Center ["Betting on a quick casino deal," News, Dec. 17]?

Done properly, it could be an economic boon to Smithtown and Kings Park. It's a more scenic location overlooking the Long Island Sound, and we would finally be rid of dozens of crumbling asbestos-filled buildings.

The NIMBY crowd will say traffic will be a nightmare. I don't notice this is a major problem at Foxwoods. If this is unfeasible, perhaps the casino could be part of the Lighthouse Project and the renovation of the Nassau Coliseum.

Lloyd E. Simonsen

Ronkonkoma9/11 "dirt" deserves more reverence

I recommend that the judge and attorney who negated the precious dirt of the 9/11 dead ["9/11 families: Dirt belongs in cemetery," News, Dec. 17] visit Auschwitz, Buchenwald, Majdanek and the other World War II death camps and see the mounds of ashes from murdered Jews, also unidentified but someone's beloved mother, father and child. These mounds are revered and taken care of. There is also a grave in Beth David Cemetery, Elmont, which holds the possible remains of a family retrieved by their loved ones and buried here.

Marilyn Weissman

OceansideGoodbye 'guido'

It's not entirely surprising that Verne Gay would be baffled by the controversy surrounding MTV's "Jersey Shore" [" 'Jersey' boys and girls are sure making waves," Explore LI, Dec. 16]. After all, Italians rank somewhere between the spotted owl and Geico's cave men in the ethnic pecking order of our multicultural society.

Moreover, these hulkish, dunderheaded "guidos" and less-than-virtuous "guidettes" are merely trading on a stereotype that allows Americans to revel in a safe suburban prejudice: Italophobia.

Yes, some of these outer borough cretins actually exist. But so do loutish Greek, Albanian, Arab, African-American, Hispanic, Irish, Russian, Chinese, Sephardic and Israeli enclaves all across the tri-state area. The difference is that MTV would be highly reluctant to debase such subcultures on national television.

The cacophonous cries of racism, intolerance or anti-Semitism would shatter the sound barrier.

Rosario A. Iaconis

MineolaEditor's note: The writer is vice chairman of The Italic Institute of America.Anti-tax parties

should be up in arms

Where is the outrage from the Tax Revolt Party and TEA Party members on the recent town board raises ["Town board OKs $47G in raises for members," News, Dec. 16]?

Both parties endorsed Kate Murray and John Venditto, supervisors for the Towns of Hempstead and Oyster Bay, respectively. Where do they believe the money for raises will come from? Perhaps both parties were more special interest groups endorsing their candidates, instead of political parties concerned with reducing the high taxes on Long Island.

John P. Dias

Massapequa ParkAll for competition, some of the time

I get a kick out of all the liberals who claim that we need a government-run public health-care option. These are the same people who oppose school vouchers to allow parents a choice of schools that would compete with the public option of schooling our children.

I guess competition is only good when it's the "evil" insurance companies that will be affected.

Charles Ketteridge

Stony BrookRepresent us,

not the lobbyists

We elect representatives to do just that, represent us. After our representatives are chosen they then completely ignore our opinions and needs as they are influenced by what lobbyists have to offer them for a vote to go their way.

This should be viewed as bribery and obstruction of justice. When an important issue surfaces such as health care reform, every representative should send out a mailing asking for the opinion of the people who elected him.

Lobbying must be outlawed if our government is to function in a proper manner. The original health care bill with a public option should have been passed weeks ago. We must expose those who oppose it and their connection with the lobbyists.

Marilyn Kaplan

North Massapequa

What planet

are they on?

I'm bemused when I hear our corporate-owned politicians argue that curbing greenhouse gases is bad for business.

I'm curious: On what planet do they plan to do business?

Rich Viva Arcery

MassapequaMayor out of touch with windmill issues

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, after taking a private boat tour of the windmills in Denmark, issued his edict that there should be windmills along the south shore of Long Island ["Bloomberg supports South Shore wind farm," News, Dec. 16].

The mayor's comments highlight how little he knows of the subject of wind power, its extreme economics and poor efficiencies. It is ironic that the mayor chose to criticize the many that are concerned about industrializing the ocean as NIMBYists, as he flew his private jet to Denmark, far away from the average person.

Phil Healey

MassapequaEditor's note: The writer is president of the Biltmore Shores Civic Association.