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Good Afternoon

Letters: 'Seinfelon' family lemonade stand

A photo that Jessica Seinfeld put on Instagram

A photo that Jessica Seinfeld put on Instagram shows her husband Jerry, son Julian and two young pals by their lemonade stand that was shut down. The stand was generating money for a charity Jessica Seinfeld runs. Credit: Instagram / Jessica Seinfeld

Selling lemonade on the street for charity is how it all starts ["Seinfeld lemonade outlook sours," News, Aug. 28]. Next the "Seinfelon" family will be collecting food for neighbors in need.

This type of altruism begets kindness and furthers community involvement. This lemonade caper by the family of comedian Jerry Seinfeld fosters the experience of children learning to contribute to society. I'm glad we nipped this episode in the bud.

Who knows what this rogue behavior could have led to? Maybe these kids would have the audacity to join the Peace Corps some day or toil in cancer research as a profession because of their satisfaction in learning to give.

The Seinfelds have been exposed as do-gooders. Lemonade served. No lemonade for you.

Steven Taub, Melville

Editor's note: The writer works as a television and video producer and director.

Shame on East Hampton Village, the neighborhood Grinch!

Jerry Seinfeld's son and his friends were raising money for the Baby Buggy charity, which helps families in need.

Would you rather have these kids running the streets, getting into mischief or vandalizing properties?

East Hampton Village owes these kids an apology and should help them set up another lemonade stand.

Jewell Jacobsen, Brightwaters