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LETTERS: Sex offenders, Haiti and more

Housing project

still needs research

Concerning the housing development in East Northport ["Housing-project plan OKd," News, Jan. 15], I feel this project should be researched more. People leave Long Island for places with lower taxes. Why don't we try to lower taxes here instead of creating a project that will not only raise taxes but have an impact on schools, traffic and the environment?

If the property on Elwood and Pulaski Roads needs to be developed, why not make it a solar park to reduce costs of electricity for the schools, thereby lowering taxes and helping the environment?

As a school bus driver, I deal with the traffic in that area that is a complete nightmare. Having more children around to cross the busy streets is just an accident waiting to happen.

Affordable housing may be what Long Island needs, but if we work to lower costs and taxes, then the housing that is already here will be affordable.

Lenny Guarino

CenterportNo second chance

for sex offenders

I have a simple solution for the recent letter writer who feels that the poor, misunderstood sex offenders are being picked on ["NIMBYism won't fix sex-offender problem," Letters, Jan. 17]. Welcome them into your home and community, and see how well your neighbors like these new "citizens."

The people of Farmingdale have already spoken: We don't want them, nor does any other community in its right mind, so you are welcome to them. Let them have a second chance with your kids. After all, they will be safe according to the quoted "studies."

Sorry, but in a lot of people's minds, when you cross over the line of hurting a child, you do not deserve any more chances.

Richard Dunlop

FarmingdaleTwo views on aid

to earthquake victims

The suffering in Haiti is breaking my heart, especially for the children - from the hundreds lost in one school to those who have lost family, to those who are hungry and thirsty. My family and I will do what we can to help them. But once again I am so proud of America and Americans - proud of how we come together to help those in need wherever they are. Proud of those Americans who are in Haiti and are in harm's way themselves.

What I do not understand is why America and Americans are so hated by so many people in the world that many want to do our country and people harm.

Michael A. Guerriero

East Northport

Of course we have to send help to Haiti. But $100 million - when so many Americans need help desperately? It makes you wonder just whom the president is trying to impress.

Marion Critz

West Islip