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LETTERS: Snow help, health, air travel

Help in the snow

As a snowplow driver for the Town of Oyster Bay, I would like to thank the residents of Plainview for their understanding of how important it is to clear the roadways of cars and basketball hoops. It is not easy to navigate a 28,000-pound truck.

Most people understand that we are opening up the roads for emergency vehicles to get to their houses, but there are still stares, unkind gestures and even shovels thrown at us for getting snow into their driveways when we are trying to widen the roads enough for a fire truck to get through. Please let your plow drivers make a couple of passes before you shovel your apron.

Gregory Cespites

North MassapequaOn Dec. 23, I was on my way to a doctor's appointment, trying to ease my car into an endless line of traffic on North Broadway in Hicksville. My car became stuck on an icy patch, wheels spinning helplessly. As I wondered desperately what to do next, a strapping young man appeared beside my car and knocked on the window.

"You rock, I'll push," he shouted. It took a good five minutes of rocking and pushing before he yelled "Go!" I surged ahead, caught in the traffic, and waved to my rescuer without a chance to thank him.

If my Good Samaritan reads this, I simply want to let him know how much I appreciated his kindness.

Gerald Albert

HicksvilleHealth care winners

While Sen. Charles Schumer's attention was diverted to apologizing to a stewardess and while Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand was trying to find Hempstead, New York State was left defenseless in getting its fair share of loot from Sen. Harry Reid's high- stakes game. Two senators who paid attention to what was going on won this bizarre chutzpah contest. Sen. Mary Landrieu lugged home $300-million worth of pork to her home state of Louisiana, while Sen. Ben Nelson's Nebraska constituents will never have to pay added Medicaid assessments that other states will be forced to pay. This, too, is worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Boy, did these "country bumpkins" show these New York City slickers a thing or two.

William Schroeder

Rockville Centre

The health care bill may not be perfect, but it is a step in the right direction. Improvements in the legislation can always be made at a later date, but politically, it is the only legislation possible at the present time.

James Shelland

BellmoreIvana was right

I have little use for Ivana Trump, but in this case, I think the children who were running and screaming in the aisles on that Delta plane in West Palm Beach Saturday, and the parents who didn't stop them, should have been the ones to be escorted off.

Hannah Herrmann