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Letters: Speed camera conflict

This file photo shows a speed camera on

This file photo shows a speed camera on Tuesday, Sept. 2, 2014. Photo Credit: Howard Schnapp

Regarding Joye Brown's column, "Getting cameras' info up to speed" [News, Oct. 9], for the first time in the nearly 30 years that I've lived here, cars are actually driving the speed limit in front of the elementary school near my home!

What does it matter what the reason is for the program? Many people need a constant reminder to obey the law.

Martha Perlson, Jericho

Where is the public outcry concerning the red-light and speed zone cameras?

My husband received three $80 tickets at the same intersection in Farmingdale before he was aware of the cameras. Had there been an officer there to issue the ticket the first time, my husband would not have made the same "mistake" two more times.

Melinda Griggs, Bethpage

I'm in favor of speed cameras; they should be placed on every road throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties. So many drivers think the posted speed limits are merely suggestions.

It's time for those who obey the law and drive within the limits to stand up and be counted.

Glenn Nilsen, West Babylon

Nassau County is a great place to live, but it's financially exhausting. I was fined $80 twice for traveling faster than 25 mph in a school zone. There were no warning signs or lights.

I've never received a speeding ticket before. I'd be interested in knowing how much money has been collected -- extorted -- by Nassau County. Is it not enough that we pay among the highest taxes in the country?

Marie DeSimone, Syosset

I moved back to Long Island last year from Scottsdale, Arizona. The first year I lived in Arizona, I got a speeding ticket by a camera -- my first ticket ever!

The complainers here should be ashamed of themselves! If you were obeying the law, you wouldn't get snapped. Arizona doesn't have warning signs letting you know that a camera is ahead.

Why give a warning? Just do the right thing, especially in school zones!

Arline Veres-Alto, Bellmore


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