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Letters: Speed's to blame on Southern State

In this time exposure, traffic heads east on

In this time exposure, traffic heads east on the Southern State Parkway. (Jan. 29, 2013) Credit: Newsday / John Paraskevas

Last week's story on the accident that took two lives and critically injured three more people on the Southern State Parkway is very sad ["2 dead, 3 critical in crash," News, Jan. 28]. But it is not the fault of this notorious stretch of road known as "Blood Alley." It's a high rate of speed that kills.

If guardrails were installed, we would be deflecting speeding vehicles back onto the roadway, possibly causing more damage and injuries. How many millions of vehicles pass this section of roadway without an accident?

John Hall, Holbrook

If you've ever driven on the Southern State, regardless of the time of day, you found very few people actually driving below the speed limit of 55 mph. I am one of those very few.

I think New York has to do two things to make the Southern State and other highways safer: Lower the speed limit to 50 mph, and install cameras to catch those going more than three mph over the limit. This would greatly reduce the accident rate.

Glenn Nilsen, West Babylon